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Your Authentic Sales Style is…

Visionary Thinker

You are independent and impactful.


Innovative | Strategic | Insightful | Creative

When it comes to selling though, you have a dream to share with others, but can freeze when the nerves take over and feel a bit lost as to why the person didn’t just buy on their own.

You wonder, what’s going on? Where’s the kink in communication?

To fix the kink, we actually have to back out and start with you.


We’re going to start with the end in mind- your goal.   

You need to define where you’re going and what you stand for to not only know where you are going or how you are going to achieve it but to focus on and communicate better with the audience you seek to be of service to  

What is your vision? And importantly when do you want to achieve it? When you mix your vision with a deadline, you create a goal.   

Many people start something or dream of a different reality, but they don’t have a goal because they don’t think about when they want to accomplish it.   

Let me put it this way, when we set out to bake a cake, we either find a recipe or buy it in a box, but we start somewhere when we decide to make a cake. Yet we don’t actually have the cake until we make time to get the recipe/box, get the ingredients ready, mix it all together, put it in the oven, and take it out once it’s done. We’ve decided when we want the cake and made it.

  Once you’ve decided what you want to make and when, you need to find out what requirements are needed to be successful and set out to make it happen.   

What’s the next step and what does it take to get there? Break them down into reality size bites and plan out the how bit-by-bit until your progress makes leaps.  

Now commit to yourself every day! Write out your goal, speak it out, recommit to the goal every day. When your day doesn’t match or align with your goal and problems arise, because they will, sit down, write out what you need to do at that moment, focusing on what you can do, and get busy doing it!

5 Steps to Be a Great Salesperson

Knowing your goal is a great start, now let’s focus on the top 5 characteristics of a good salesperson to take you to the next level


You become what you think about    Maybe you’ve heard it before, maybe this is new, but …  

You control Your life by controlling your thoughts and surrounding yourself with who you want to become.   

This week, start to notice anytime the thought “I can’t…” pops up, and practice rephrasing “How can I…”   

It’s important to see the bigger picture and the end game of where you want to be then share it with others who will support you and keep you accountable.

This process will leave you room for yourself and freedom, but for the sake of your success, you need to find your group of fellow goal seekers and accountability partners you can rely on and share ideas and hardships.



Imagination is where we use all of our vivid thoughts for good  

Turning off the what-ifs, shoulds, contingencies, and rational realities to imagine the life you want to create. As if nothing in the world can prevent it from happening.   

Seed back into the vision you used for your goal and imagine away.  

What if it did work? What will you say, what will you do, what will you wear, how will you feel when you’ve reached your goal?

It’s yours, the day has come relish in it now!   When you imagine yourself in a better situation and reaching your worthy goal, you break through your own limiting beliefs, the baggage of your past, to rise up.   

Imagine what it would be like to set up your dream creation.

Where can those systems help someone else? And what gadgets can make your life and the life of others easier, fun, and more productive?

What will it feel like to see others use them? To experiment with your peers then clients?

Visit this possibility daily to see the solutions you can create now to make this vision a reality.



Controlling your thoughts and using imagination for your benefit doesn’t happen overnight or without resistance.   

Courage to be the influential visionary you’re meant to be, not to listen to the negative views and ideas from yourself or others, and to get started takes courage.  

Step into the courage and with your goal, let your mind think on that goal and freely imagine what you will be like and others in your life as you work towards the goal.  

Make the decision, imagine what’s possible, stand up and be courageous, and let a massive shift take place!   

Let your imagination run loose on the possibilities and begin to see all the solutions you are coming up with! You are coming up with!   

They are in you already and you have the courage to free them. Courage to believe and know that circumstances can’t defeat you!  Act promptly, be courageous, and you will rise above!

This means stepping beyond comfort and creating in real time- not in perfection.

Hear me out,  it’s ok to be unsure and to move forward without the ‘bigger picture’ fully in place.

Procrastination means it won’t ever get done, so be courageous and step into yourself.


Save 10% of every dollar you make   

10%! That’s one dime for every dollar, one dollar for every ten, ten dollars for every one hundred.    Saving is telling yourself you are a good steward of money.

You can be trusted and be responsible and that belief in yourself will reflect out to others.   

You are trustworthy and worthy to earn money, have money, and save money!  

Rationally, you understand this is good for you. But the trick to putting it into action and continually following through is creating a why for your savings.   

What job or goal is this saving to do?   

So you can put your kids through college, leave a legacy for your loved ones, buy a home, epic vacation? 

Yours to decide, but create a personal why for this money and keep it close to where you do your spending and accounting so you can’t forget.



Ideas are worthless without action. Unless we act upon our goals, we won’t and can’t achieve them. Take action towards your goals.  

Break goals down into realistic monthly, weekly, and daily steps like I teach my clients. You’ll start to see how little regular directed action quickly adds up to accomplished goals.   

You can buy what you need for a cake and it can sit in your cupboard for days or weeks, but until you take action and get the ingredients out, fire up the oven, and start putting it all together, you’ll only ever have the idea of a cake.   

Is that all you want? The idea or dream of a cake, the business, a team, your bigger life?  

It’s okay to learn as you go. You may think you’ve broken it down into small enough pieces only to catch delays or find it taking longer than you planned but if you run into delays, reevaluate and break that step down further until the step is small enough to do simply  

This is the start of your new process so truly mark down how long it takes you to complete different actions as not everything will take the same amount of time and you’ll learn that by documenting your steps and times.   

Then evaluate, and change anything that didn’t bring the results you desired.                  

The evaluation process is when you go back to your trusted group  

Bring your results, observations, and wins to them and workshop how to refine your process together. You plus them will be the dream team for your success!

Hi there!   I’m Jody and it’s my passion and purpose to help you know You are enough. You are strong enough, smart enough, and more powerful than you know.  People are what matters the most in this world, and if you are fortunate enough and brave enough you can surround yourself with the people you are meant to be with. I’ve always had a belief that whether you meet with someone for a moment or for a lifetime, that connection was meant to be.  A smile in a coffee shop, a thank you for service well done, or those deeper connections with the people we were meant to be friends with forever. And as you go through this journey, you can work within your strengths and learn the lessons that need to be learned so you can help another through the same problem. We are always changing, we are always growing, and no matter what, we can make choices that at the time may be hard but will bring us the joy and happiness we truly want.    Lives matter, your life matters… go and live in this moment…not the past and not the future.
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