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Patty K is a marketing consultant and copywriter who helps coaches and consultants:

  • clarify their messaging so that they stand out from their competitors and convey the true value of their services
  • build a marketing strategy based on honesty, empathy and education so that they attract more and better clients

She believes that if the product or service you offer is truly valuable to your clients, “selling” is not necessary. Instead, you simply share what you do in a way that is easy for your ideal clients to understand, then make it easy for them to buy.

Learn more:

Patty‘s book: The YOU-Shaped Business: authentic marketing for self-employed professionals
Marketing can be challenging and uncomfortable when the product is YOU

The YOU-Shaped Business course is a 13 module online program that will walk you step-by-step through:

  • Finding and attracting clients
  • Creating a system that takes people from “never heard of you before” to “happy paying client”
  • How to set prices, how to talk about yourself at networking events, write your website content, conduct a non-pushy sales conversation, and more!
Originally intended to be a $2,000 program – you can buy it today for $97
Tiffani Higgins

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