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The 5 Things I would have told my younger self:

I’ve been an entrepreneur and coach for over 27 years now and I can tell you I have definitely learned a thing or two in that time frame. Especially since I’m a busy mom of six (2 his, 2 mine and 2 together) while either having a job or my own small business. Whew I feel tired sometimes even writing that, which gets me around the topic today “Five things I would have told my younger self when I started a small business in direct sales”


Have a sound plan!

I wish I may I wish I might… Have you ever heard that saying before? Well I am here to say that many people do that in a business too! I wish I had more sales, I wish I had more customers, I really wish someone would just buy my product!

I have heard those statements too many times to count; in fact, I may have said them a time or two myself.  But the difference between myself (and maybe you too) is the fact that after I say them I then sit down, write out a plan (it doesn’t have to be perfect either) and then just get to work on those sales or contacts…heck even pick up the phone to actually call someone. Don’t text, call them! So if I could tell myself what I wish I knew way back then it would be this “Don’t wait for tomorrow and get that plan into action now”. So that’s reminder number one HAVE A PLAN.

Be Steady

I think the second thing I would remind myself is to just be steady and focused on the now. Too many times we are either looking behind us or ahead but we really forget to just be in the now and be steady with what we are doing. Focus on the task right in front of us.

20% of our actions today will account for 80% of our results in our direct sales business! So instead of doing the little things that don’t bring us in any income, focus on two things that today can help you! Direct outreach and follow-up are my top two things to do every day to bring in consistent income.


Don’t be afraid of what others may think!

Sometimes we are so scared of what those around us will think: “She won’t like my product”, “They all think I’m failing and I can’t face that right now”, “What I have is expensive, will someone really buy it?”, “They will all think I’m a fraud if I don’t know what I’m talking about”.

This thinking is really all about shifting your language around a little… and changing that stinking thinking in our head. The biggest fear we carry is the fear that we won’t be enough! For ourselves, our families and for our teams!

Save from every paycheck!

I do this now, but I wish I had done this in my twenty’s and the kids were super young. It certainly doesn’t have to be much it just has to be consistent monthly savings!


You can do it!

Always have belief in yourself and over the years I have definitely had my goals and priorities change, but one thing I have always found the same is my belief in myself and my core values.

Once I got a better grip on my core values and what was really important to me, then it was easier to have my ‘inner game’ step up each and every day.


Knowing these five things above is definitely what I would tell my younger self, especially having had so much experience in my life, my family and my business. I find it interesting though, that when I asked my last summit speakers this very question I got a lot of good responses.

The biggest response was “I wished I would have hired someone to help and guide me sooner”!

That’s where I can come in to help you in your direct sales business! If you want to know if you are on the right track to get ahead in your current company….feel free to take my quiz below.

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In love and Light x0x0

Jody 🙂



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