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Dear Direct Sales Leader!  

Do you post and hear crickets? Then this PDF is for you! I will show you 5 different posts that YOU can make to get your ideal clients reaching out to YOU! (without feeling icky)

About Me

As an entrepreneur and small business owner for over 26 years I love giving back to my community by working in a law office, running my home business coaching program and doing various dog sports with my german shepherd.  Living in the middle of British Columbia Canada I have proven many times over that you can be an entrepreneur from any location (whether you are doing home parties, or online services), have family time and balance all the other stuff you love to do while earning monthly, consistent income.

My strategies help align you to have it all.  I’ve had my own radio program, hosted several online summits and speak on podcasts all about knowing your authentic sales style! 

Dear Entrepreneur and Direct Sales Leader!

Do you feel like you haven’t found your selling style yet?

Do your sales conversations seem to fall flat?

If you feel that your team is struggling to maintain the monthly sales you need to be profitable, you are not alone.

Many small business owners are faced with this problem. But, there are some solutions available to help you and your team members get the training they need.

I’d love to get to know YOU and your Beautiful Business!

Do you know your Authentic Sales Style?

 It’s not a mistake that you made your way to this space.

If you are struggling right now with sales in your business or within your team, I would invite you to schedule a call with me right now so that you can learn

“What is your Sales Profile Analysis” …click the link below to schedule a time so I can get to know you more…and you can get clarity on where You are now, where You want to go and what’s in the way with your sales conversations!